Elf Concrete, which is situated on the 57. km of  Ankara Çankırı Road,  provides services on a total of 38,000 m² land  which includes indoor and outdoor areas. In our plant which has modern technology;


In the scope of reinforced concrete structural elements front draped; we produce standard and pre-stretched rafters beam, girder beam, gutter beam, intermediate storey beam, secondary beam, TT slab, crane beam, precast wall panels and coloumn.


In our factory, quality control tests are done for the concrete produced  with high standards


Offering a high quality and timely service due to our high production capacity ,reducing time costs we Create a  difference beyond the expectations of customers. We help our clients experience production security awareness meeting all demands on time with  our wide range of products


Elf Concrete Co. Inc.  does all technical calculations and designs on its own with the help of  its specialist staff,  and along with its high-quality production , planning, design, transportation, logistics, installation and  after sales services ,  it doesn't compromise from its quality considering customer-focused approach



Why We?


We are doing all works as appropriate according to relevant laws, statutes and regulations.


We aim to get the educations related occupational health and safety  to develop the performance all the time and

transfer these informations to our employees.


In the production and process, to minimize work accidents and diseases by taking the

forefront of occupational health and safety is our biggest aim.


We follow the technology by making continuous improvements.

We believe that priority of education and add values to our employees in this respect.

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